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Jaguar F-Type: FIRST DRIVE

How important is the Jaguar F-Type? Important enough for us to declare that it is the most important sports car launch of recent years. And just how does Jag’s new roadster measure up against Stuttgart’s brace of revered drop-tops: the 911 and Boxster? We find out!

But the F-Type's significance goes beyond even that because, as Matt Prior notes in this first drive review supplement, it is a car charged with changing how we perceive the entire Jaguar brand. If you'll excuse the cliche, the F-Type is more than just a car to Jaguar.

The verdict is that it delivers. And with a true sports car at its heart, Jaguar's authenticity as a brand is assured. It now has the freedom to push further and in new directions. The F-Type may be exciting in itself, but it's the future potential it opens up that's most enticing.

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