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DB Speedback GT: the 'modern' Aston DB5

Steve Cropley samples the David Brown Speedback GT and decides whether this retro-themed but thoroughly modern coupé deserves its eye-watering £600,000 price tag.

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When it comes to fine cars, the name of David Brown is currently creating clarity and confusion in equal measure. David Brown (1904-1993) was the legendary tractor maker and post-war rescuer of Aston Martin. He bought the company in 1947, helped create some of its best-remembered cars, donated his initials to them and then sold up in the '70s when Aston struck financial trouble.

In recent months, however, another car-making David Brown has sprung to notice. Once again an entrepreneurial Yorkshireman, this new DB's business is also based on the launch of a luxurious new GT car - which looks a lot like a classic Aston Martin. This time, however, there's no formal connection to the century-old Gaydon-based sports car manufacturer. This David Brown is the man behind the super-exclusive Speedback GT, priced a shade under £600,000, a car that uses the contemporary underpinnings from one of Jaguar's finest creations, but whose shape and details recall the most iconic features of the Aston Martin DB5, realised in a modern package.

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